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Friday, December 1, 2006

100 Things About Our Family

1. We are a family of 5 and we are DONE! :)
2. We love serving the Lord.
3. My husband is a Creation Science Speaker.
4. We homeschool.
5. I make a lot of the kids clothes.
6. We limit tv to less than 2 hrs a day (working on getting that down even more)
7. We do not listen to music that isn't edifying to God.
8. We love our local library.
9. We spend a LOT of time reading.
10. We used to own an eBay store
11. We love garage sales.
12. We shop for our clothes at second hand stores.
13. We are saving for our retirement (our goal is to be millionaires at retirement)
14. We live in a double wide mobile home on 1 acre.
15. We are moving to a house on our farm with 83 acres (can't wait!)
16. We are in process of renovating the farm house together.
17. We drive old cars - paid for!
18. Goodwill is our favorite second hand store.
19. Target is our favorite store overall.
20. Our kids love Veggie Tales.
21. Our kids own lots of Veggie Tales movies.
22. We are thinking about adopting another child one day.
23. We don't like snakes.
24. We own two basset hounds, Homer Lovin Texan, and Sargeant Floppy Joy (Homer & Sarge)
25. We own one outside cat (who has mated with another over the last 5 yrs to produce about 18 offspring! - which are all ours too...sigh)
26. We spend too much money on cat food.
27. We'd like to give some of our kittens away.
28. We love going to the Friends of the Library Book sale every month.
29. We have hundreds and hundreds of books.
30. We have a whiteboard in our dining room.
31. We have a bulletin board in our dining room.
32. Our dining room is also our school room.
33. This is harder than I thought it would be.
34. We believe in breastfeeding until self-weaned.
35. We eat whole-wheat bread only (and sometimes we make our own)
35. We eat a LOT of peanut butter.
36. We buy most of our groceries from Save-A-Lot.
37. We can't wait for the Farmer's Market to open up!
38. We own cattle (at our farm)
39. We LOVE to eat beef.
40. We are almost always on time for things.
41. We usually get to Church 15 minutes before it starts.
42. There is a lot of stress getting 3 kids ready for Church on Sunday am.
43. My hubby is over the Jr. Church - he's the Children's Pastor.
44. I am over the Church Nursery.
45. Our family is embarking on a new adventure - owning a federally regulated business!
46. My husband passed his insurance exam the first try!
47. I have an exam scheduled for the 28th of June.
48. We love to read to each other as a family.
49. We have a devotion time two-three times a week as a family.
50. Our favorite musical group is "The Cathedrals"
51. We love southern gospel quartets.
52. Our kids love "The Hinkle Family"
53. We are involved in the music ministry at our church.
54. We all love to drink milk.
55. We all have a strong dislike for spiders and creepy crawlies.
56. We look to Dad to kill spiders, Mom if he's not there.
57. Our yard stays in a constant state of needing to be mowed.
58. We love flowers and flowerbeds, but we don't like weeding.
59. We love John Deere.
60. We do yardwork as a family.
61. We do our grocery shopping as a family.
62. We all have chores at home.
63. It is a family ritual to decorate the Christmas tree (we use certain colors that tell the story of when Jesus was born, about his life and ministry, his death, and resurrection - dad tells the story every year as we are putting up the decorations)
64. We love to take family naps and do so often.
65. We are working on manners and try to use them in our home as well as in public.
66. We all love to go on family drives.
67. We all enjoy nature walks.
68. We use unscented baby wipes.
69. We use antibacterial hand lotion.
70. We own stock in Bath & Bodyworks.
71. We love June Sale at Bath & Bodyworks.
72. All the girls in our family (3) have handbags from BBW.
73. Our favorite homeschooling catalog is Timberdoodles.
74. Our favorite science catalog is by Nasco.
75. We love to do science experiments.
76. We are planning on purchasing a mini-van in the next year.
77. We all love it when it snows in the winter.
78. We do not like it when the temperature goes over 100 degrees.
79. We eat a lot of homemade popsicles in the summer.
80. We cook together as a family on Saturdays.
81. We collect rocks.
82. We collect books.
83. We collect toy trains.
84. Maybe we should stop collecting some of these things.
85. We like to help people who are less fortunate than we are.
86. We enjoy going to nursing homes and talking to the residents.
87. Sometimes we sing for the residents of nursing homes.
88. We love each other.
89. We are a team.
90. My kids are best friends.
91. Mom and Dad are best friends.
92. We do not believe in being best friends with our children.
93. We strive for consistency in our parenting.
94. We show respect for others in our home.
95. We are working on showing respect for others outside the home.
96. We like to play family games and do so often.
97. We own a lot of craft supplies.
98. We do way more craft projects than we have room for.
99. We all want to have a craft room someday so we don't have to pick up everything if it's not done.
100. We are a happy family.

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