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Monday, July 10, 2006

Baby to English Dictionary

For those who want to know, Abby, our youngest child at 20 months, has quite the vocabulary now. You just have to really, really pay close attention and listen to the fine nuances in her voice, as some of the words are the same, but the lilt in her voice changes the meaning.

"dada" =Daddy
"mama" =Mama
"kanie" =Katie
"ay-ay" =AJ
"babby" =Abby
"luluuuu" =grandma on dad's side
"teeeegeeeee" =her dog
"gama" =grandma on mom's side
"eye" =usually said as she's trying to poke yours out
"chee" =cheek
"mouw" =mouth
"eahow" =ear
"teef" =teeth (usually said when she wants them brushed, which is about 10 times a day!) "degle"=tickle me
"baaaaaaa!" =gimme a bath now and nobody gets hurt
"dea" =tea or any other liquid that might refresh
"mook" =milk
"copple" =popsicle
"bunner" =peanut butter
"chip" = any little round object that is salty
"kacker" =cracker
"poom" =spoon
"baby" =any stuffed animal, preferably a duck (she's partial to little yellow duckies)
"bahyo" =pillow or could sometimes mean blanket
"gagi" =ice cream
"pipah" =diaper (change it now, please)
"peas" =please
"kankum" =thank you
"bubBooL" =bubble
"Bible" = any book
"yeddow" =any color she finds pretty or interesting
"cap" =any thing you put on her head
"clap, clap, clap!" =I want to watch Miss Patty Cakes
"go!" =get me out of here now! take me anywhere that you're going!
"hew kit, kit" =calling the newborn kittens
"dawg" =dog
"tuck! tuck!" I can't get something out = it's stuck/or she hurt herself in some way
"bye-bye" =I'm leaving/glad to see you go
"crap" =said when I drop something (um...trying to break her of this one, I'm afraid I say it, so she has taken to thinking that's what you say when you make a mess, drop something, etc.) "come!" =said with outstretched hand, usually wants you to get something from the fridge for her or to go the the living room and rock her.
"chew chew"=train

These are just a few of the words you might need this dictionary for when you come to visit us or if you are so brave as to talk to her on the phone. She loves the telephone, but like most kids, her interaction and conversation is silent. She does the typical nodding of the head and smiles and grins when she hears something she likes. She's really quite the character these days.

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