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Friday, August 4, 2006

Body Image

It seems like every where I look recently, there's an article or a blog or a photo to do with body image. Which brings me to this...I'm not really happy with my body as it is.
There. It's out there. I've said it. I have loved every minute of all three of my pregnancies, and I know I should be oh so happy with the tiger stripes and saggy boobs that pregnancy and breastfeeding for 5 years has left me...but sadly, I'm uncomfortable in this new body. I'm learning to get used to it. But there are still awkward moments ... Like when my husband, well, you know... Or when I'm in a business meeting with a lot of folks that are hip and in shape - I'm the only one out of style, with grey hair and fat rolls! The only really GREAT thing, and I mean REALLY GREAT that my husband and kids love me for who I am. I know he's not just saying that either. He really loves my postpartum body -- fat rolls, stretch marks, saggy boobs and all. I read somewhere that "Men love all breasts in a sort of idiotic and genial way, but the breasts they love most are attached to women they adore." I like that sooo much. 'Cause it's true. I just wish I could love my body the way he does.

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