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Friday, November 17, 2006

Attention all Breastfeeders...

Your rights as a breastfeeding mom are being challenged. I was reading Vicky's blog and she pointed out an article about a mom that was kicked off a Delta flight for breastfeeding her child.

Now, mind you, this woman was not flashing anyone, nor was she sitting in full view - she was in the second row from the back, seated beside her husband at the inside window, feeding her child the only way it has ever known. Apparently, the fact that she wouldn't cover herself with a blanket when asked was just too offensive (to whom, I ask?) so she was escorted off the plane.

Okay, people...we live in a society that passes virtually X-rated movies off as R and say that even a 9 year old can watch it as long as a responsible adult is there with them (like a responsible adult would even CONSIDER taking a child to an R-rated movie), where tv commercials tout nudity at every turn, where music is more graphic than anything the ordinary imagination could conjure up...

I can totally see how a mother who is sustaining the life of her dependent child would be considered offensive in the eyes of someone who has the moral values of a pig...oh wait...even pigs nurse in public.

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