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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Moms for Modesty - Shirt seen on a preteen

Don't know if you can read the caption, but it says, "Cheerleaders...not just flirts in skirts".
I spotted this last night on the daughter of a friend while out eating. Many of you will think I'm overreacting, but this girl is only 12 years old and while this I believe she is trying to send a "positive" message about cheerleaders, she is in fact doing the opposite. Take out the word "not" and that's what people will remember.

Modesty begins at home - where we as moms stop letting our daughters wear slogan tees and hoodies that proclaim how "sweet" or "hot" or "cute" they are...especially offensive to me are the sweats that have the words emblazoned across the rear end. Hello parents!!! You say you are offended when grown men and boys ogle your daughter? Then quit allowing her to wear too tight tees that don't even reach the navel with pants that are so tight you couldn't squeeze an ounce more of air in them without them bursting at the seams.

Okay...I'll come down off my soapbox now. I just wish more people thought it was an issue.

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