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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Answers to Ask Me Anything Post

Peggy asked, "What is your middle name?"

~Oh my goodness I don't believe I am going to tell you this because I have an intense dislike for my middle name, but I was named after my father's middle name "Lewis"....MY middle name is Lou. All six of my older brothers STILL call me "Karen Lou" I'm seven or something! Sheesh!!!

Rachel asked," When you were a little girl, what did you THINK you would be doing when you got to be the age you are now?"

~When I was a little girl, I lived on a rural farm in South Texas and all I wanted to be when I grew up was a veteranarian. I wanted to be like Dr. Doolittle (one of my favorite books) and be able to understand and talk to the animals and help them with their hurts. I got a little older (high school) and thought I wanted to be a psychologist or counselor and help folks with their problems...and today, in my business, although I'm not a veteranarian, psychologist, OR a counselor, I help people become debt free and financially independent, so in a way, I'm fulfilling part of a lifelong dream of "helping".

Angela asked, "What do you consider your biggest accomplishment and your biggest failure at this point in your life?"

~ Gosh, this is an interview question I used to ask! I'd have to say from a personal standpoint, though, that my biggest accomplishment so far in my life would have to be my Spiritual walk with Jesus. When my spiritual walk is right, everything else falls into line - my marriage, my kids, family, church...etc. As for my biggest "failure", I know this sounds crazy, but I don't believe in failure from a conventional standpoint. I choose to look at everything as learning "opportunities" - are there things I would do differently? Yes. Most definitely. But I would not be the person I am today if I had not made some of those choices and learned from them, so it's difficult for me to look at them as failures. If I were to choose one, I'd say that my first marriage (7 years) was probably one of the biggest learning opportunities I have ever had. I married very young and we even parted on good terms. It has done more to shape me for the kind of wife a husband deserves and the kind of steward of faith I should be than almost anything else in my life - I wasn't what I should have been to my first husband and I'm thankful that even though I was a terribly immature wife who looked only after her own needs, that God saw fit to bless me with a WONDERFUL husband who is a Godly man and a terrific daddy and I have learned from those mistakes I made and have made the necessary changes to ensure I don't make them again.

Matt asked, "How many people have you accidentally called Mom or Dad by accident?"

~ I really can't think of any. Partly because my dad died when I was nine, I never called anyone else daddy after that. And as for mom...I have never really had any female role models other than my mom that I would even consider calling mom, even by accident.

Special K asked, "How many kids call you mom even if they don't belong to you?"

~ Besides my own, ALL of the kids in our Jr. Church know me as "Mama Lewis" about 75!
Sai asked, "Do you prefer out to eat or at home?" ~ I prefer a good home cooked meal at home. I'm a total homebody. Of course, I don't always want to

Dawn asked, "When did you know for sure you were in love with Jesus?"

~ I knew for sure the day I got saved. I had a pretty good idea of how awesome He was before then, but until I accepted His son Jesus, I had no idea how much I COULD love Him!
Thanks for playing along, guys...I enjoyed the questions!

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