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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Goodbye, Golden Handcuffs

Well, he really did it.

My husband gave his two week notice last week. As of December 27, he will be working full time on our profits and no time on his wages.

How am I feeling, you ask?

Oh...nervous, anxious...all the things a wife SHOULD feel when her spouse leaves a J-O-B (with no security, I might say) to run his own business. But I am also extremely excited and confident that this is for the best for our family. We have both always had an entrepreunurial side and this business is the best fit we have ever found. I wish you all lived here in my town - I'd recruit you into our business! lol

He has four more days at the J-O-B and then we will be working harder than we have ever worked before. I am jacked. ('s not a bad word, I checked it out -- it means excited beyond belief).

So...goodbye golden handcuffs. We don't need you anymore. We have decided that our destiny belongs in our hands and not that of corporate America. We don't have to punch a clock, don't have to ask permission to go to the bathroom, don't have to hurry back from lunch, and no one can tell us how long our breaks can be. If he wants to sit on the toilet for an hour and read USA Today, then by golly, he can do it!

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