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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

An Open Letter to my Blog

Dear Blog,

As you may have noticed, I haven't been as faithful to post as I promised you I would. I know I've been telling you that I'll come here more often and update you on my life....but let's face it...I hardly have one. You've known that from the very beginning. This daily blogging is far too demanding for my current lifestyle.

Look, all I'm saying is it's not you. It's me. I'm the one with the problem. I need action, excitement -- activity, for crying out loud. Getting out of the house would be a start. That means not being around you every day.

You know how it is...don't you? It's not that I don't love you...I do. And for what it's worth, I promise that in the future I'll try harder to keep you fresh and new. Interesting, even. I'll even enlist the help of my kids...bring back some kid stories...maybe some marriage material...I don't know....SOMETHING.

All I'm asking for right now is the right to update you. Can I still do that? I don't mind if other people read you...and I'll only come around early in the morning or late at night, whichever works for you. If you don't feel like an update, then maybe we could just hang out...maybe read old posts or something. You know, for old time's sake?

Take today and think about. I'll get back with you in a day or so. No pressure from me...I just needed to let you know that although I'm lazy? I still care.

Maybe we could even get back what we used to have...



Vicky [From 360] said...

Karen, this is a wondeful entry. I've been feeling kind of down lately because it's sad to notice how people don't notice what one writes or don't comment or at least say "hey, i was here!" or something!! And you know what, if it was a really intellectual post or really juicy or something, others would take notice.

I find that in daily living it's just the same. People are not attracted to someone who doesn't lead an interesting life or has losts of things, or is popular or something! I know, i know!! I should get a life, like your image says!

Anyway, that's why it's hard for me to have friends. I'm either very selective or they are. Maybe they just find i'm boring. Who knows, right?

kim199173 said...

I am sooo totally stealing that image from you! I love it!

By the way, being a mom does not mean you do not have a life. You make a difference in their lives everyday, and that makes you exciting!

Rachel Whetzel said...

You've gotta stop making my spit coffee in the mornings! REALLY. I JUST GOT this new computer, and already, you're trying to ruin it! LOL


Deena said...

As a mom, I not only have a life, but I have V's life, K's life, and J's life, not to mention my hubby D's life...sometimes my life feels like Hometown Buffet...too much good stuff and not enough me to take it all in.

But I loved your "letter", and know what you mean...