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Thursday, August 3, 2006

A Thousand Times Ouch

I spent my day mowing and weedeating our yard today. I had to wait until 10:30 to start because the grass still had dew on it and Deere John doesn't like to mow wet grass. It took me 3 hours just to mow one acre...the grass was so tall I had to mow on speed "1". Glug, glug....glug, glug....
Then, I had the lovely task of moving all the crappe (I say it with the accent because it makes it sound more classy, even thought it's not) out from beside the house along the fence so I could weedeat. Then, I spent the next 4 hours weedeating the entire fencerow, around every bush, along the looooooooong driveway, up around the trees, I even mowed down the monkey grass by the crepe myrtles (there was really too much monkeying around going on there).
Now, I'm too tired to write anymore. There's much to tell, but as I said, I'm much too tired. I'm off to the shower to get rid of all the grass that is sprouting in places I"ll not mention right now.

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