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Monday, March 12, 2007

Life in the Fast Lane...or I've had Way too much Coffee this morning

Whew! I stayed up way too late last night on one of those "at home" dates we married folk have watching the movie "The Prestige".

We tucked the kiddos into bed at 10:00pm (the time change still has our kids thrown for a loop), turned the lights down low and snuggled in for the movie. Those are the best dates to don't have to fight crowds, you don't have to worry about the babysitter, and you don't miss anything if you have to use the bathroom -- you just pause the movie and when you finish your 'biz, you resume right where you left off. Oh...and it's a LOT cheaper than actually GOING to the movie. Have you been to one recently? Sheesh! You practically have to take a second mortgage on your home in order to afford going more than once a year. And don't even take your kids, 'cause then you're dipping into your retirement savings! (Which by the way, I'd be MOST happy to help you all with - getting your retirement in order, that is!)

So back to the movie. I have always been fascinated with illusionists and how they do their tricks...I was the kid on the second row at Uncle Sid's Magic Show that always said, "Ah-ha! I saw you switch that card!" or "That wasn't a real bird!" They just loved me (said with dripping sarcasm). My mom even spent a gob of money one year at Christmas for an illusionists "Book of Tricks"...I think it was $29.95 on QVC" (Is QVC still around?)

I'm not a reviewer of movies by any means, but I will tell you this much: It was GOOD. (you can go to the website link above to check out the storyline)It's definitely worth the $3.99 rental fee and then some. I think you should get thyself to ye old Blockbuster and rent it for tonight. If you have older kids, it would probably be okay for them to watch it. There are a couple of things that happen in the movie that would give my two toddlers (2 and 4) extreme nightmares so I wouldn't recommend it for anyone under the age of 10. There were two words (I use captions because I can't hear a durn thing) that I found mildly objectionable (the a-hole word was used twice) and there are a couple of places it's obvious that two adults are in a consenting relationship, if you know what I mean. No nudity, no major kissing, necky-poo stuff...just fades away to another scene, but any adult with a clue (and most kids) knows what happened next.

And lastly? I'll leave you with this: Hugh Jackman does not disappoint. I have loved him since I saw him in Kate and, when I saw him as Wolverine in the X-Men. And I completely forgot to cover the whole Nicola Tesla thing...which was my husband's favorite part! We are HUGE science fans in this house. I think I totally forgot to cover the issue of how much coffee I drank this morning just to get myself going...let's just say it was waaay too much.

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Carrie K. said...

Karen - I loved this movie, too! Another good one is The Illusionist with Edward Norton. It's also about a magician.

kim199173 said...

We use to have family night every Fri. We would rent 3 or 4 movies and order a pizza. Then stay up until wee hours in the morning watching them. We quit doing that for quite a while. But starting last Fri, we have decided to bring family night back! There is always something about a good story that captivates us!