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Monday, September 24, 2007

Filed under: Where do they find the time?

Apparently, I don't love my readers enough to: 1)carry a camera with me everywhere I go, and 2)to do food tutorials. I am not too lazy, however, to show you what others have done. Here's a sampling of what I saw today:

1. Bacon Mat @ Serious Eats.

2. How to Chop an Onion at Gluten Free Girl (Is anyone else distracted by the chef's dirty fingernails? Eww.)

3. The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe EVER at Shelteriffic.

4. DIY Pumpkin Tea Lights at Pink of Perfection. (See? Not everything is food centered - although, technically, pumpkin is a food, I suppose.)

5. And my personal favorite - Bacon Salt. Blogged here and here and photographed here. Has anyone ever used this? Seriously?

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