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Saturday, September 15, 2007

What is a laundry list, anyway?

The online dictionary defines it as "an item by item enumeration"...and that's exactly what you are getting today, in the interest of time.

1. My brother is out of ICU! Thanks so much for your prayers - he is now in a regular room and recovering quite nicely. There is still pain, most likely from lying around for two weeks and not moving a muscle...but he's pushing through that. The strokes he had affect his speech and ability to move well, so we won't know for a few weeks or months what all he'll have full control of. It also affected something I would have NEVER thought of...the little part of your brain that tells you you're thirsty. He's constantly asking for water and eating ice. Although, two days ago, he was aspirating because he failed the swallow test - so they are not letting him have it right now. Everything he takes by mouth just goes right into his lungs. BUT! He's doing better and I have to give God the glory for that. I am so thankful he made it through.

2. My mom did indeed arrive on Wednesday morning, but bless her heart, she isn't in great shape herself. She overdid it her last two days in Alaska and now she can barely move. Every time we go to the hospital, I've been grabbing her a wheelchair and wheeling her upstairs to see Bob. K and I cleaned up around her house yesterday (she has three Westies -- one is a puppy that will make lots of messes if you don't stay right on top of her) and got it "company ready".

3. Two of my bestest friends in the whole world are going to be here today and I'm so excited. I have only seen them a handful of times since I moved from Austin six years ago. Lisa and Laura are twins and two years younger than me -- they have a sister who is exactly my age, who was my partner in crime growing up. We have all been together since birth - our families were close (moms were best friends, older brothers were best friends) and we have just always been kindred spirits. They are funny as all get out, plus they have the distinct fortune of being both beautiful and smart at the same time. They both have toddlers now, so it is always fun when we get together. Isn't it funny how you can go three years without seeing someone, but when they are a true friend, it's like no time has passed at all? I love that aspect of friendship. This is just what the Dr ordered!

4. The Lewis Homeschool Academy is under way and going well. Three weeks under our belts and only two days missed! ha. But seriously...we did miss a couple of days when my brother was first put in ICU. Even if I hadn't been up at the hospital, I highly doubt I would have had the mental faculties to teach them. My concentration has not been good. BUT...we are back on track and things are hopping right along. AJ still complains when it's time to do school, however. Still trying to find the "right" approach to educating him. I think it's going to be kinesthetic...he loves doing things with his hands. The only down side is that I haven't found a way to teach him to read using his hands yet. :) He's doing great on the reading front -- already able to sound out many three letter I'm pleased. Katie is doing well also. The science has me a bit baffled, though. I didn't purchase new science curriculum this year (I found a complete Abeka 8th grade course at the library sale for $1 last year) and figured we'd work our way through that. I mean, how different can 8th grade be from 5th grade? Um...a LOT. It's not going to work. I've got to get something new and QUICK. I had forgotten how much more advanced Abeka is - if I am the one reading it and explaining and summarizing, it's fine...but on her own with a little help, it's proving to be too difficult. So I will be looking today.

5. And the last thing...I have said for two years I wanted to lose weight. A lot of weight. Last night, my husband's best friend, David, was here and the three of us were discussing weighty issues. Like how much Floy and I have gained since we got married. Together, we've gained almost 80 pounds. In 6 years. To be fair to my dear sweet husband, my weight gain comprises most of that total. Sigh. David is a certified personal trainer and I know it's KILLING him that his best friend and wife are so pathetically out of shape when he's the epitome of health and vibrance. Last night, at 1:30 am (I kid you not), he was going to work me out. I politely said "no", as my eyeballs were sticking to my eyelids I was so tired. But then he said, and I quote, "You know, you're really attractive just as you are now, but if you DID get into shape and lose some weight - you'd be HOT." In that one instant, I had to deal with a flurry of feelings...such as, "do I even want to be hot?"; "isn't hot overrated?"; "isn't that the same as saying to a fat girl - you'd be so pretty if you lost some weight?"; and then it hit me..."does my husband still think I'm hot?". And I had to officially own up to something...I've always had a secret desire to be "hot". Oh...not to everyone...but to my husband. I know that's goofy, because he does love me as I am. But I'm not doing either one of us any favors - and I don't look the way I did when we got married. So in fairness to both of us, I am declaring September as "Bringing Hot Back".

See you again soon!

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Mel said...

I'm so happy to hear that your brother has been removed from ICU. Good for you! I hear you about being hot for your husband. I have been on WW since January and have lost 35 pounds. I still have more to lose, but I feel so much better physically and am beginning to be content with where I am weight wise. There is a new challenge happening at Tales from the Scales so if you are planning on doing someting maybe you can hop over there and check it out. Good luck!

Amy Jane (Untangling Tales) said...

I totally know what you mean about looking "hot."

A doctor (I think she wasn't thinking clearly, honestly) once told my I could loose 25 lbs to be "ideal." I would look like a short Barbie at that weight. The idea simply scares me. I mean, I'd love to do it for my husband, but I've never thought of myself as *that* kind of a woman...

Anyway, more power to you has you hit September!