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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Public Service Announcement # 389

If you are by chance, say, writing a piece for Scribbit's October Write Away Contest, and the subject happens to be "Things that Scare Me"...may I suggest that you NOT write it at 2:46 in the morning when everyone else is asleep in the house, or you might just scare yourself so well that you won't be able to move from the safety of the computer desk? Funny how you never really notice the sounds your house makes until you get scared and then
is magnified and is probably a boogie monster waiting to reach out from under your bed and grab your feet.

Oh quit laughing at me. You know boogie monsters exist. And I'm afraid of the dark, too.


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1 comment:

Scribbit said...

I should have made people sign a waiver before entering :)