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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Clearing the Fog

I can't begin to tell you how important it is to WRITE your goals down and keep them in front of you. Last week I weighed *** lbs (thought I was going to tell you, didn't you?) and this morning, when I stepped on the scale, it read ELEVEN pounds less. Shocking, I say. Simply shocking. I was hoping for a whopping 3 or 4 pound loss, but hey, I'll take every 11 pound loss I can get.

Of course, I DO realize that was probably a one time thing - having changed my eating and drinking habits. Did I just tell you I have a drinking habit? I can't believe I admitted that on the world wibe web. Wibe? Did I just write wibe? I guess it's affecting me more than I thought. But seriously, I am attempting to drink 120 ounces of water a day, which is a bit difficult. First of all, finding the time to squeeze in FIFTEEN full glasses of water leaves me choking for air. It's not that I don't like water - it rates right up there with air on the scale of things I couldn't go without, I'm just sayin'.

Where was I? Oh yes...goals. You've got to be able to see them to achieve them. (Which is exactly why I have this lovely photo of myself on the fridge wearing a pair of size 10 Eddie Bauer Tall jeans.) Right now, I couldn't fit my big toe in a pair of size 10 jeans, but in another year or so, I'll be lounging comfortably in them.

Have you ever heard of Florence Chadwick? She was the first female swimmer to cross the English Channel both ways, which was quite a feat. Then she attempted to swim the 26 miles between Catalina Island and the California coastline. She had boats on either side of her fight off sharks, she withstood ice cold water and swam for 15 hours until a heavy fog set in, causing her to lose sight of the California shoreline - her goal. Doubt,fear, and finally fatigue began to set in. She told her mother that she didn't think she could make it and even then, swam for another hour before being pulled up out of the frigid waters. Sitting there in the boat, she learned that she was only one mile from her goal. When she was asked why she quit, she said it was because she couldn't see the coastline because there was too much fog. She had lost sight of her goal!

The story doesn't end there, however. She did go back and swim it again - with colder water and even more fog, but she managed to push her way through and reach the coastline. She said that when the fog rolled in, she pictured her goal (the coastline) in her head.

Do you have any goals you'd like to achieve this next year? What are they? Why don't you commit to writing them down and looking at them every day? It really works...take it from a girl who just lost 11 pounds.

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penguinsandladybugs said...

I am pea green with envy!! I would like to lose 3 or 4 pounds...11 pounds would just blow me away right now!! Congratulations!!

Simply A Musing Blog said...

Pea green suits you. :)

ellen b. said...

Sweet! 11 pounds! yikes...
I have written some things down. One of my biggees is walking everyday but Sunday...

Simply A Musing Blog said...

ellen - that is one of the things I am doing as well. Perhaps that's why I've experienced such a dramatic drop? From couch potato to walking 1/2 hour What a transformation! woo hoo.

Fresh Girl said...

Yikes, that's a lot of water. It IS possible to overdose on water...honest! I forget what the medical term is, but people have died from drinking too much, and IMO, that's too much. I'm all for drinking lots of water, but I think you'd get the same good effect if you brought it down to between 64 oz - 96 oz. Closer to 64 oz.

But yay for losing 11 pounds already! That's awesome! I've dropped two pounds since Wednesday and I know it's because I'm no longer eating all that sodium-laden holiday-type food.

I'm a big believer in writing down goals AND in telling people about them. That accountability is invaluable. :)

Renae said...

Good for you! And writing down goals for our homeschool is my priority today, so I better get off this computer and get busy. :) Thanks for the reminder!