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Thursday, January 24, 2008

I am SO getting this.

A Confession: I was raised in a home where we drove old clunker cars. Used from the "git-go". I've never owned a brand-new-just-drove-it-off-the-lot vehicle in my entire 38 years of life. And I've always said it didn't matter and that I wouldn't want to waste the money you lose from driving it off the lot. (merely a justification to make myself feel better) I really, really want the new Chrysler 2008 Town and Country Limited Edition in Black. Like, seriously.

It has some of the coolest features. Stow and go seating, swivel buckets in the back (hearkening back to the days of the conversion van, eh?)...I can just see my kids in the back now:

It also has remote start, heated first and second row seats (sorry child in the back, you're out of luck!), luxury leather seats (as opposed to just plain old leather), a rear back up camera (hello!?), and Siruis satellite system. Of course, I don't really need all of those things, but heck, that's what makes it so special.

Watch for me one day soon...'cause I am sooo getting this:


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Rachel Whetzel said...

Look at that VAN...
it is sooooooo big!!
lol NICE van. I could manage to love that one too. Too bad for that lonely kid in the cold back seat...

Amy said...

Wow! It even looks cool!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

My kids want us to have one of these because of the table and swivel chairs. You think if I just put the table and chairs in our house they'd play nice like in the picture?