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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Maybe I'll get to take a bath while I'm there...

My master bathtub is cuh-racked and I haven't been able to use it for about 8 months now. I've been schlepping my things back and forth betwixt my bath and the guest bath for so long I finally just started putting them in my travel bag. Yes, I've been living out of a travel bag for about 6 months now. We can't fix it -- it will have to be replaced, so says my brother. I have options, of course. I could always bathe in one of these:
But I'm not nearly as small as those gals. Nor as cute. We have found out that a new tub (it's a garden tub) will run us around $800 and that's just not anywhere in the budget right see, we're in a lean season in our lives and budget $800 for something as silly as a bathtub when we have another perfectly good shower we can use? Nah. Of course, if I had my druthers (that's Southern speak for "choice") I would have a tub like this:
Since that's just not going to happen anytime this month, we're off to the big city to stay in a nice room and meet with some nice folks and have good conversation...all so I can have a much-anticipated bath. Okay, okay, it's a business trip -- but that's okay - I like business trips. They make me feel like a grown-up, a refreshing change after spending most of my days at home with the kids. And we're staying at one of my favorite hotels (the kind that has a concierge, valet parking, and a fancy dining room), and I get to sleep in a king size bed with no little feet doing karate chops to my neck in the middle of the night. So it's all good. Doesn't it just look romantic?
And maybe, just maybe...I'll get to take a bath while I'm there...


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Amy said...

WOW! Enjoy that business trip, it sounds like heaven.

I have been living out of my travel bag for a year now. I shower downstairs so I don't wake the kids. I found that it is easier to put things in a travel bag, and hey, it makes packing a cinch!

Anonymous said...

Now you KNOW I am nuts about tubs... with or without water in them, so next time I want to go with you!!! LOL!!!
Love ya