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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Told you I was geographically challenged.

I once memorized all the countries and continents when I was in Mr. Holcomb's 7th grade geography class. I drew and color-coded a map of the world for my final project in his class, in which I made a "A". So at one time, I knew something about geography.

But times change and apparently so do countries. I love the internet, though. It allows me to realize just how much I need to brush up on my geography before I start trying to teach it to my kids, but it does it with really awesomely cool games like this.

It took me 3 tries just to make it to the second round and when I finally made it to the 3rd, I scored a paltry 61,860. How did you do? Leave it in the comments.



Fresh Girl said...

I used to love Geography, but like you, I need to do some brushing up. Some place in Korea and Madagascar really messed me up. I only played once (but I'm going to try again later!), but I got to the third round and scored 66,432. :-/ Wild Bill Neill, my high school geography teacher would be appalled. ;)

Rachel Whetzel said...

Let's see.... I QUIT!! That's how I did. lol I emailed you... did you get it? I'm not sure I have the right addy for you.

Emily said...

wow, that game is addicting. malta, that one really messed me up. AND new zealand.

in other news...i tagged you for a meme!

Flea said...


I think I'll play again - what fun!

Flea said...

I tried it again and finished level 5, without enough points to get to 6. How nerve wracking! My fingers are so slow!!!