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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The post with no title

Okay, I know it's not exactly a topic you talk about openly on the old internet, especially if you don't want to attract the wrong kind of reader, but I need some sage advice about something of a "married nature." Not for me, (that's what they all say, right?) I assure you.

We have a young Christian couple in our church who are to be married on February 29th. He is our youth pastor and she is the daughter of one of our missionaries, they are in their early 20's and have both remained "pure" for their wedding day, which is an incredibly awesome thing, if you ask me. During their courtship, they have not even kissed or been alone together - they have always had a chaperone. (Don't even start with how "old-fashioned" this sounds - it has probably been what has helped them to stay "pure"). I have been asked to give a devotion at her personal bridal shower (which is a lingerie shower) about the beauty of married you-know-what. (you do, don't you?)

(Insert screeching tires sound here). Me? give a devotion about that? I've taught many a Sunday School lesson, women and children -- I've sung many a song before many an audience...but now you want me to give an intimate devotion for a small group of married woman about something so personal? I don't even know where to begin - I'm too afraid to google it, because Heaven only knows what I'll encounter. So I'm turning to you, because I know that you are all so much smarter than I am. Give me some ideas - I've got my Bible and Strongs Concordance handy...but I need some direction. Anyone? Anyone? I will be giving the devotion on Tuesday the 26th, so it doesn't give me a TON of time, either.

And while we are on the subject of advice...what do I do with this hair?

Believe it or not, this was taken on a good day. it's usually much more matted.

And for the sake of completeness (because all things come in threes) a final question. Why do my feedburner stats now show 30 less subscribers than yesterday? (yeah, I watch that stuff) And why are there no google subscribers any longer? Do I not thrill you anymore? Is the love gone? What?

I'm just curious about these things.


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Kimberly said...

Oh gosh...I wouldnt know what to say either! I guess I would go with the idea of how much of a wonderful gift it is; how special those moments are between a husband and wife. Sorry that I couldnt be of more help!

How do you know how many people have your blog on their google reader? I have always been curious about that myself!

Keep us posted on how the bridal shower goes!!

Anonymous said...

wow ! Who's hair is that ??Looks like the rats I used to see in my daughter's hair on a school morning ! yuck

Karen said...

Apparently those rats moved out of your daughter's hair and into my daughter's.

Emily said...

karen, i have no input and/or ideas for your devotion. i'm sorry.

BUT i thought i'd mention that i'm not subscribed b/c i couldn't -- google couldn't figure out how to subscribe to your blog address.

but the good news is, you're not the only blog google reader has problems w/. so i have you on a separate, special list. :)

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Check it out:

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

ACK! Just thinking about having to talk about that in a group makes me sweat a little. Um. There are some lovely Psalms about panting dears and such. Read one of those. And say, "See, so beautiful. Have fun!"

Just ACK.

Rachel Whetzel said...

NO IDEA about the devotion. Seems like something a bit too personal to put in a devotion to me... BUT just thought I would mention in the same breath, that my feedburner stats are down a bit too (not 30) but down...

. . . Dallas Meow . . . . >^^< . . . said...

Such wise ones to wait. Already ahead of the game, knowing what a precious gift it is within their marriage.

suzof7 said...

I tried to add you to my google reader but it wouldn't work.

The article you linked to above (today's post) is great - I never thought of doing that! I don't know why, but it brought tears to my eyes.

Amy said...

You have been on my Google Reader for a while, and still are. Maybe Google is having problems.

Flea said...

Girl, go with the Song of Solomon. It's Scripture, it's steamy, it's poetry. I'm sure that would be a safer Google search, too.

No, I have not really looked at these, but they're a start:

Or look for Linda Dillow's books
Or head to and do a search for marriage devotions. They have marriage magazine and always have good articles.

Chelsea said...

Regarding the hair: Biosilk. After you shampoo her hair, work a dime-sized amount of Biosilk into her towel-dried hair. It costs about $16 a bottle at HEB, but this stuff is truly amazing at helping the tangles. In between shampoos we use Loreal detangler, but that's just watered down conditioner.