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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunday Surfin'

1. Revisiting Celebrity Retouching (rethink that diet and those botox shots, ladies)

2. Etsy Pounce (hat tip to Chili - this is an easy way to see new shops @ etsy without being overwhelmed)

3. Start Sampling (A try before you buy site offering quality samples for free)

4. File it under "Weirdos" (Russian mobile saunas)

5. This is why I don't have chickens.

and finally...from someone who isn't into Intelligent Design or Creation, but presents an excellent case for ID and Creation through this movie, (heck, even Ken Ham who is the President of the worlds largest creation museum in Kentucky said this was a film no one should miss), which I urge you all to see:

6. Have you been hiding under a rock?


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1 comment:

Flea said...

I don't have chickens because they're smelly, messy, loud, attract rats, and my dogs would eat them. :)