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Monday, April 7, 2008

What would you do?

So here's the deal, internets...I'm thinking of doing custom blog headers (and possibly design) as a way to supplement my income. I have done some research and read up on what some of the top blog designers charge and if you ask me - it's too much! (but, of course, that's why they are "TOP" blog designers) Am I that cheap? Granted, it takes a lot of time to do a custom header - because I've done several, so I know. They range from $50 - $200, depending on what style of design and who is designing it. But $200 is a lot for a swanky design, don't ya think?

I am a little bit overwhelmed right now at the thought of starting a business doing this, because then I'll have to post guidelines. Which means I'll have to actually have clarity of thought...easier said that done, these days. But I think there is a place for the "little people" like me - more affordable headers that aren't so basic...that have personality.

If you were considering a change for your header, what would you expect to pay for a custom header for your blog? And would you be okay handing over your name and password for installation? (I'm finding there is no easy way to tutor someone online as to how to add their header via css if they don't read it).

I'm just curious about this - and would appreciate your input in the comments below.


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Flea said...

I have no idea. My husband was a designer for years and years and always struggled with pricing. You do a nice job, though. If I didn't already have an in-house designer - whom I don't use ...

Emily said...

i guess i'd expect to pay between 50 and 100 dollars.... i'm pretty cheap though. and i would expect to hand over my username and password to the person working on my design. i'd probably change it before and after the work was done, just to be safe. although who would want to post things on my blog, i don't know!

Misty said...

there are quite a few designers online who tend to quote between $30 & 50. That is pretty feasible I'd think.
Starting a new business is overwhelming! Best of luck to you, I am sure you would do GREAT!

yertle said...

I have been thinking of doing this lately. I would pay between $50 and $100 and would be willing to give password to get it uploaded. If you want a first customer, I would be interested! I am tired of my boring header. :)

Fresh Girl said...

I've never been sure what a good price for that kind of thing is...I guess because I'm clueless about how to do it, so I don't know how much work goes into it. My money's pretty well designated for more important, essential things for my blog, so if I were going to have a custom header done, I'd probably not want to pay more than $25 or so, and if I knew the designer, I think I'd be okay with turning over my password.

Rachel Whetzel said...

No idea about the cost, BUT I can say this: on blogger (and so I'm sure many OTHER blogging sites also) You can invite a person to join your blog, and THEY set up THEIR OWN password.... Then all you have to do, is give them admin privileges to be able to do the things YOU the designer would need to do. THEN they can remove you from their blog once you are done with them!