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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

If you happen to be a mom and from Texas...

Cassie, with Fleishman-Hillard in Dallas contacted me to see if I could help spread some cancer awareness information for her client, Texas oncology. Me, being the pushover I am said, "Of course!" So here you go: (click on the link to send a sweet reminder to the mom, sister, aunt, friend in your life who needs a gentle reminder to have her screening done)

I personally have never been screened for cancer, although it's on my mind quite a lot. My husband's grandmother died recently from cancer and it just seems like everyone knows a woman who has it or has had it these days. Of course, I'm not avoiding it, but without insurance coverage, it's easy to avoid the costly preventative measures that cancer screening provides. So no more excuses, let's get it done. Shall we?


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1 comment:

Rhea said...

I'm a Dallas-area Texas mom. I think about cancer a lot also, because it's so prevalent around us. I finally made it in this week for a lot of my annual check-ups too, because I'd been feeling guilty for not being regular lately.