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Thursday, June 26, 2008

13 Real Life Excuses Made for Being Late to Work

1. While rowing across the river to work, I got lost in the fog.

2. Someone stole all my daffodils.

3. I had to go audition for American Idol.

4. My ex-husband stole my car so I couldn't drive to work.

5. My route to work was shut down by a presidential motorcade.

6. I have transient amnesia and couldn't remember my job.

7. I was indicted for securities fraud this morning.

8. The line was too long at Starbucks.

9. I was trying to get my gun back from the police.

10. I didn't have money for gas because all of the pawnshops were closed.

11. I tried a new way in to work and it took me two hours.

12. I saw a bright shiny object.

13. I felt it was better to sleep at home rather than at the office


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Anonymous said...

Haha! Great list. #5 actually happened to me once, on my way to a class, though! One of the main highways was shut down, without any warning, for the President and I had NO idea how to get anywhere without it!

Happy TT :)

Peter Plum said...

Could #13 actually work?

Happy T13!

Lora Lynn said...

My husband had #5 happen to him, too, only it was for the Queen of England when she came to the states. And because everyone was stopped on the side of the beltway for HRH, a cop noticed A's expired license plate and gave him a ticket. He threatened to send it to Her Majesty and see if she'd pay it.

Kara said...

These are so funny. I really like 5, 11, and 13. Especially 5 since that's made me late more than once. :)

Lisa said...

Uhm...I have used #8. Oops.

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

#5 has happened to me more than once. Let alone all the times I was late because of motorcades during primary season.

#7 happened to the CEO of a company I used to work for

And #13 should have happened for a guy that sits 2 offices away from me and snores way too loud to be sleeping at work. Three of us tried to wake him up before his boss came by and snapped a pictures using his cell phone.

Angie said...

Oh man -- the gas excuse is so true! I filled up my minivan this week -- $89.74!!!! I thought I might fall down on the ground and weep.

Kelsey said...

Love #13 haha

Bobbi's Book Nook said...

I can't find my daffodils!

ancsweetnsassygal said...

This is a great list! As for #8, it's not the line at Starbucks for me, it's the drive-thru line at Micky D's. I might have to use one of these on Monday. Happy Friday!