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Friday, June 6, 2008

Taking a Much Needed Break

"What starts out as a hobby for some can end up permeating their lives and minds. Some of the diarists post repeatedly throughout the day, juggle several blogs and feel anxious if they don't write. Most dedicated bloggers say the endeavor has enriched their lives, but some worry about finding balance and keeping their obsession in check."

I don't want this to ever be I'm taking the day off to enjoy with my daughter, who is coming home from camp today. I'm seeking some serious balance - my brain is fried from all the design work and Wordpress studying I'm doing.

Y'all have a terrific Friday and I'll see you back here Saturday, bright and early! And guess what? I might just have that giveaway to announce...who knows?


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Dorothy said...

Enjoy your day with your daughter, Karen! Balance is essential. I agree!

Renae said...

Have a wonderful day! Enjoy your family.

Always Been Different said...

Have a GREAT day... you deserve it!

Misty said...

Enjoy your break!

Elaine A. said...

Can I just say that I LOVE the post-it image up there? So cute!

Have a great day! : )

"J" said...

I hope you have a GREAT weekend and have fun with your daughter! =) I bet camp was a blast!

Katrina said...

Good for you! Even if I'm not blogging, I tend to spend way too much time staring at the computer. I need to work on that balance thing too!

Emily said...

have a good break - sometimes a gal just needs to step away from the computer. :)

CityStreams said...

Just FYI - I ran into a snag with Wordress when I switched. Turns out blogHer ads are not accepted. So you HAVE to buy your own domain if you want to keep your blogHer ads. Wish I had known that!

Enjoy your break!