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Saturday, July 12, 2008

A couple of blogs I've completed recently...

Heather from Desperately Seeking WordPress needed a designer when Jo-Lynne was on vacation and so me? I gladly stepped in and designed this for Beth from MotherBunker. Remember the crazy subway woman header I put up a week or so ago? That was the first round - she had told me she wanted something with an "underground" feel to it. Hah! Little did she know what I thought underground was. :) So after she explained it to me again - this is what I came up with - I absolutely LOVE it. (is that horrible for me to say about one of my own designs?)She was especially pleased that I had managed to work in a little birdy, my signature:

Custom Header

And remember the Adoptic blog? Here it is in its full glory - the site isn't live yet, so as with the MotherBunker Blog, you get a preview with a blank page:

Ultimate Header


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business loan said...

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Flea said...

Those are both so cool! I absolutely adore Mother Bunker's look.

Lora Lynn said...

Yep, love mother bunker. Very good work.

Robin said...

I think it's GREAT to l i k e your designs :)...they ARE your babies, after all :).

And you just reminded me about an email I got from Adoptic...hmmm, maybe I should go back and find that...:/.

BTW, did you design the "Behind the Blog" badge? It's darling (saw it at Melanie's, but I don't see it here...).