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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Desperately Seeking to Finish Before my Deadlines

I'm gearing up to finish some projects around here, so I am basically posting to tell you that I'm not posting.

I've taken a couple of days off because I haven't been feeling well (I thought it was just nerves before Tuesday's show that made me so sick), but apparently, it was some sort of nasty stomach bug that I caught from my kids. Good to know, huh? I am feeling MUCH better today and am hoping to catch back up on the designs.

But never fear! I have fresh new blog fodder for you - it's just not here. I have a guest post up at Heather's place - she's on vacation and asked some folks to fill in for her and I raised my hand as though I didn't have anything else going on and volunteered! (I'm a glutton, I tell you!)

So please don't leave me hanging as a guest poster - go visit Heather's blog and read my post - and it wouldn't hurt my feelings one bit if you left a little comment luv as well. :) I've got a delicate psyche, you know. ;)


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1 comment:

Lora Lynn said...

Nothing worse than the stomach bug. I wondered if you were coming down with it when you mentioned "queasy" on twitter.