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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The lists? They seem to be all I've got lately

It's hot, I'm in the midst of a PMS breakdown with (gasp!) no chocolate in the house, and I find myself trying to entertain my two youngest without the aid of electronics or my eldest.

In addition to that, today's edition of "Behind the Blog: The BlogHer Recap" is postponed until next week because those darned San Franciscans decided to kidnap Melanie and Shannon and hold them overnight at the airport - they will be flying home as the show is airing. And in my condition - there's no way I'm hosting the show about a BlogHer recap when I don't have my interviewee or my co-host. :)

This is as good as it gets right here - but really? It's not half bad:

1. Build an invisible bookshelf - Ready Made Mag

2. Peel off Eyeshadow? From Sephora, of course.

3. - Cute sewing tutorial for doorstops.

4. One word...why?

5. Patsy Clairmont "Let there Be Light" - Absolutely Beautiful.


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Casey said...

Did you see on Regis & Kelly the men running in heels? It was a race just like that Glamour one for Kelly Ripa though.
thanks for the link to the doorstop, I've been trying to remember how to make a triangle bag like that, we did that in high school.

Mzzterry said...

So sorry about the disrupt in your well laid plans.....
sending you cyber hugs & chocolate!!

R.L.Scovens said...

Hope you feel better (and get chocolate!).

Emily said...

what fun links! hope you are feeling better soon. :)

Flea said...

I'll check out the links when I'm awake. :) But tonight? I can definitely relate to the PMS and no chocolate in the house. Rather than go out, I poured myself a glass of wine. It occurred to me that I have a glass about once a month. Hmm ...

Alyssa @ Keeping the Kingdom First said...

Karen, you must learn to score tons of free chocolate at CVS. I am never chocolate-less!