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Friday, September 12, 2008

A Homeschool Family

Enjoy this little video about homeschooling from one of my absolute favorite comedians, Tim Hawkins (next to Brian Regan, of course).

I haven't had the time to respond personally to all of your comments on my last post, (and I may never be able to), but I DO want to tell each and every one of you how much I appreciate your sweet words and encouragement. Just knowing that there are folks out there who've been through what you're going through makes everything seem so much more bearable. I am touched by your thoughtfulness and that you would actually take the time to listen to my whining. The streamlining has begun.

I know that this is just a season, but it seems as though it's been a long one. One thing I have decided to give up is the Blog Talk Radio Show with Melanie. We discussed it and we both feel that we need to focus on other things right now...and though I'll miss doing it and interacting with all of you in the chat, it's just the best thing right now. (Plus, it's a huge time commitment with no pay).

We have a major storm headed our way today, so my internet will be spotty at best. I'm hoping my house doesn't float away or get caught up in a tornado. I hate hurricanes, but I'm one of the lucky ones, because my house isn't on the coast and even if my house is damaged, I won't lose everything like some folks will.

Praying today for the evacuees of Ike and heading out to Friday school with the kids this morning. (It's part of our homeschool coop)I will be teaching the toddlers, starting with the letter "A". It's a very good place to start, I hear. (But you wouldn't BELIEVE the time I've had coming up with things that start with the letter "a" in my house to show them!)

So y'all have a blessed day. Thanks for coming and reading my blog every week. I'm here, not going anywhere - I'm sure in the days to come, I'll be back to my old self again...attempting my hand at humor and writing regularly. Love y'all. Mean it.

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Mrs Lemon said...

Well, thanks for doing the blog talk radio while you did! I met some great bloggers through it, and gained some valuable information.

Keep polishing :)

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

I so understand your need to streamline, but I will certainly miss the radio show. It was so informative and a great way to meet other bloggers, too. Thank you for the time you both gave to it.

Regarding teaching letters: have you checked out she has a whole free video series teaching every letter by foods that start with it. kids use all their senses, taste, smell, sound (when they bite), and eyes, plus touch, to examine the fruits, try new things, and it helps them remember the letters and the sounds they make. that was a long sentence to say, check it out. you could totally duplicate that. or at least get some ideas.

Clemntine said...

I love Tim Hawkins! We'll be seeing him at a local church this Saturday, and we're taking our older kids. REALLY looking forward to it! A few months ago, I put this video on the homeschool blog I write. I'm not sure if anybody else got a kick out of it, but my kids thought it was hysterical!

Oh, we love us some Brian Regan too!

Mzzterry said...

Stay Safe.

I love you. You have touched my life in big ways.

Hold on tightly, this too shall pass! (the hurricane & the life storms).

Ann said...

Thanks for sharing the cracked me up and my 4 year old keeps asking me to play it over and over!! he's starting to pick up the words already...of course, he's a homeschooled kid so "wierd stuff" appeals to him! lol