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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WFMW - Backwards

I'm in a blogging rut - I haven't had time to find any new blogs lately because I'm working too much and homeschooling, thank you very much.

So I could use your help. I love to read in my spare time (when I have it) and would like to know who's your favorite blogger and what's his/her url? I need some fresh new reads.

Head on over to Shannon's - maybe you can answer her question. :)

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TransitionGirl said...

I love reading these:

1. A Dusty Frame

2. Confessions of a Pioneer Woman

Munchkins and Music said...

Amen to The Pioneer Woman.

Always Been Different said...

here are some of my favorites...

kara said...

I too love the Pioneer Woman! But here are some others:

Warning, you will need tissues for:

Anonymous said...

Here are some I enjoy: (she just started hers)

And I just started mine as well -- I'd love for you to take a look! It's a work in progress . . .


amy said...

I also love A Dusty Frame and Parent Hacks.

If you're looking to CRACK UP on a daily basis try

The Stiletto Mom said...

I love these:
A Girl And Her Life

All But Disertation, Pretzel Brain Twist

Dad Gone Mad

And I'd love to have you read mine!

The Nester said...

You are a genius to ask this because everyone will want to share!

My favorite if you love hokey dry humor:


reprehriestless warillever said...

I just blogged about this last week. Instead of listing out my top 20, her is the link:

(sorry if it seems like spam to leave a link to my blog. I am just being lazy. I mean efficient.)

Kim said...

Big Mama ~
Boo Mama ~
Bring the Rain ~
Obviously, Rocks In My Dryer :)
Beth Moore/LPM ~
But, there are a TON of great blogs aren't there??

Kirby3131 said...

I get a great laugh from these first two...
Cake Wrecks
Fail Blog

I have just recently found the Dr's blog.
Dr. Cason

I love playing with paper so I'm excited to start playing with some of the ideas in the Folding Trees blog.

Last but certainly not least is my blog - come see me!
The Goat

Debbie said...

You are a wise woman to ask this! I love:
And what kind of person doesn't plug their own blog?

Anonymous said...

Well, since Bring the Rain and Pioneer Woman have already been said here are a couple more of my favorites:

Honey Mommy said...

I enjoy these:

and you can read mine! I think I'm funny... but what do I know!

Awesome Mom said...

Here are a few I like:

Sarah said...

Most of my favorites have been listed (Pioneer Woman, Boo Mama, Big Mama, etc)

Another one I love is

Start with his story (kleenex), and then admire his photography & super cute baby.

Kaye said...

Hello. My name is Kaye and I have a sickness...I read WAY too many blogs. But I love them all so very much that I can't seem to eliminate any of them. So I will pass them along to you. Check out my sidebar on my blogs Silencing the Stones (faith based blogs) and Riding Bicycles (mommy blogs and those I personally know). Also, I have a frugal blogroll (some are also crossover parent/family/faith but mainly frugal) at this site which is linked to my main blog. Of course, you can always read mine because they are awesome. =)

Just kidding...seriously, I hope you find some you enjoy in there. Love to share a good read with people1

Kaye said...

By the way...all of the blogs that I told you (above) that I read? The list has just increased thanks to your commenters. =) I will subscribed to these comments for more suggestions (because I have nothing to do, you know?). Thanks so much!

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

My suggestion for quick a quick and easy way to check out new blogs is click through to the websites of the people you follow on twitter - like me ;)

Also, Allie's linkapalooza is a good way to find new blogs and carnivals like WFMW and MPM...right now I have too many blogs, too little time! :)

did you fix your granddaddy blog last night, btw?


MaryBeth said...

A couple of my favorites are already listed, so I'll share a couple of others. I read tons of multiples blogs since I'm raising just turned 2 year old triplets and their 3 year old big sis, but I think these two are pretty inspiring aside from the fact that they have triplets.
Oh, and my new favorite non-multiples related blog is Sadly, I'm much more addicted to reading blogs than I am to writing, but mine is Feel free to check it out too.

Bitty said...

Well, I'd love your company at my blog:


Genelle said...

I'm addicted to blog reading and there are tons of blogs that I enjoy. A few of my favorites are

Dooce (Someone else already linked to this one, but I needed to reinforce the link. This is quite possibly my favorite blog!)

Motherhood Is Not For Wimps

I hope you find lots of good ones to read!


Brightonwoman said...

My favorites: makes me laugh regularly. is mine, and I like to think I'm pretty entertaining too...another SAHM with faith and a sense of humor. :) Oh yes, and I live in rural alaska which just makes everything exciting. :)

PastorMac's Ann said...

Here are a few that may be new to you.

Frog and Toad are Still Friends

Italian Trivia

Raising Five

Holy Mama

Sarah Rose said...

I've gotten a lot more choosy about what I read here recently, but I really love Simple Mom at it's a new favorite!

Kelli Standish said...

I haven't had time to read through everyone's comments, but if you haven't seen the eBay Mom's blog:, don't miss it!

She's hilarious, and her blog landed her a book contract.

Another one I enjoy is His blog also landed him a book contract.

Very funny people.

If you want, deep, rich, incredible spiritual insight, another must read is author Marlo Schalesky's- I could spend hours reading her writing.


Wanda said...

I'm sorta new to the blog world...and I love it. Some fave's...

Home Sanctuary--Rachel is precious.

Fulenwider Family--just lost a child...wonderful testimony

Suzie Eller--fab author

Of course...who could not love Big & Boomama? They just rock!

BusyMom said...

I just started reading blogs earlier this summer and somewhere along the way, started my own.

My favorite reads include:
Money Saving Mom
Deal Seeking Mom
Life as Mom
(I'm noticing a trend here)
The "Cent"sible Sawyer
Mommies with Cents
Frugonomics 101

Many of these fit well in my life right now. I am a mom of two young children, trying to stretch the family's money. I have found out about a lot of opportunities on these sites and I love the occassional recipe swap - great place to get new recipes.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic question; I can't wait to check out your responders ideas. My favorites are
Bring The Rain
Raising Country Kids
THAT Family
I saw you also got a lot of suggestions for Pioneer Woman and Rocks In My Dryer; I love those too.
And please swing by mine; I'd love to hear what you think! Baby Tunnel Exodus

Thanks & Blessings! ~Whitney

Audra Krell said...

What a great question! I had fun reading through your comments, seeing old favorite and several new ones as well. I enjoy because she lives an honest, interesting life and Randy Elrod got me started on blogging and his is very cultural. Also please check mine out, I'm a freelance writer and vocalist as well as mom to three boys.

Jendi said...

Hi Karen!
These comments are making my Bloglines groan out loud. Honest. I heard it.

I love that Desperately seeking WP that you recommended.

Blogging Basics 101 is another good one. LOL!

I've been enjoying the nesters sister Emily-
and Angela at

Mel, A Dramatic Mommy said...

I like reading lists like this but my reader doesn't.

I go to:
The Stephford Diaries

Deb at

Tootsie at

Mrs. G at www.Derfwad

I have so many others but this should get you started. Looking forward to visiting some of these sites!