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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bible Passages NOT to use as Life Verses

1. Luke 12:20, nlt—“You fool! You will die this very night. Then who will get it all?”

2. Lamentations 4:8—“Their skin has shriveled on their bones; it has become as dry as a stick.”

3. Leviticus 3:10, nlt—“both kidneys with the fat on them near the loins, and the covering of the liver, which he will remove with the kidneys.”

4. Judges 16:13—“Until now, you have been making a fool of me and lying to me.”

5. Proverbs 23:8, kjv—“The morsel which thou hast eaten shalt thou vomit up, and lose thy sweet words.”

6. Luke 18:4, nlt—“I fear neither God nor man.”

7. Job 2:9, nlt—“Curse God and die.”

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Phyllis@Aimless Conversation said...

You'll appreciate this one too...


Joy @ Five J's said...

Or how about:

Job 19:17
My breath is offensive to my wife; I am loathsome to my own brothers.


Headless Mom said...

Hee hee!

Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...

Funny girl, you are. A great lesson in contextual study, huh?