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Friday, March 6, 2009

Fashion Friday it's not, but I need your help

I have always been a lover of handbags (I was taught not to say "purses")- every since I started working for Nordstrom in the Handbag Department in 1990.

I had a buyer/manager named Carrie Forrest who was the epitome of what you'd expect from a Nordstrom buyer. She was tall, very thin, and absolutely gorgeous - with a heart of gold. She taught me everything she knew about handbags, and until I was promoted to Dept manager of another Department (Hosiery, thank you very much) - I sold many a Dooney & Burke, HCL, and Sharif bag.

But I can't find a decent handbag to save my life today. At least, not one that is *cheap* enough for my tastes.

Until now. I was browsing The Avenue and stumbled across a couple of really, really cute bags - I need your help deciding which one to purchase! They are all relatively *cheap* (Carrie would have killed me if I used that terminology in her dept!) - it's just a matter of deciding which one.

The zebra tote:

The slouchy hobo:

The giraffe print:

Which leads me to the question - do you call them handbags or purses? (This is the really important question, you know)

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nicole said...

They are all good looking handbags, but I like the giraffe one the best. I really want of my own, but I will probably miss out on that trend.s I'm in a no-buying season right now. :)

Jendi said...

I heard somewhere that if your shape is curvy it's better to carry a more structured handbag. sIf your shape is straight it's better to carry a floppy bag. sDid you ever hear that? sIs it total bunk?
Here's my bag-s

Headless Mom said...

Karen, I swear we share a brain. This is the second post in as many weeks that you beat me to!
I say purse but when I was a chapter consultant for my sorority after college I traveled in the Northease and they called them pocketbooks. Weird!
I'm usually not one for animal prints but I voted for the girraffe.

Guest said...

I say purses.s :)

Peggie said...

I was taught to say pocket book! I live in Texas now and they think it is funny.

Lisa said...

I was also taught to call it a handbag.s But I now say purse.s My purses are too big to be called handbags (since I could carry the kitchen sink around in what I carry!).s I read that if you are a bigger girl then a big purse is more flattering, so I carry the biggest purse I can find!s LOL!s Lisa~

mzzterry said...

I have seen way too many of the giraffe print bags around here, so I voted for the zebra, I like to be different! I would be afraid to use the white, I mistreat my PURSE by throwing it around the car to often. I don't think I have ever used the word "handbag" in realtime sconversation! s

Gina said...

The giraffe! What a great bag. Be sure and order through a portal like Ebates to get cash back. They give 6% back at The Avenue.

Dorothy said...

I call them purses now but I grew up in the New York City area and called them pocketbooks for a great many years.s People just look at me strangely if I say that in the Midwest.
And I love the shape of the white, slouch hobo!