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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Post That Wasn't Meant to Be...

Mistakes are bound to happen. Especially when you're me. I had good intentions, I really did.jcpenney leaf plate I planned on making a fantastic celebration of my 500th post, but when I went to my draft folder this morning, I realized it was Wednesday and posted my Wordless Wednesday photo as the “big” one. Post number 500. Yesiree, I did.
You might think that a photo of a dead armadillo is all I have to offer you. But you’d be oh so wrong.

I planned on giving you the recipe for these delightful little sandwiches I recently made for our church's monthly birthday fellowship (they were all the rage and not one was left):turkey cheese hawaiian roll
I was going to show you the fort my kids have made in my dining room...aka the "schoolroom"...if you guessed there's more playing going on today than learning, you might just be right...sigh.tent city
And I was going to tell you about the bridal shower devotion I did last night, which went well. I had decided a theme was needed...something to "lighten the load" on everyone, since the subject matter was so front load washer
I guess you'll just have to wait for these exciting installments to be posted later in the week. Oh, the suspense - I am a feelin' it.

Don't forget! Friday is the last day to enter the drawing for my monthly giveaway. You can find the details here. Thanks to everyone who has linked back to my blog with the little birdy - I'm working my way through my emails, but the going has been slow. I do apologize...but I love y'all!


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Flea said...

Happy 500th!!! And congratulations!

penguinsandladybugs said...

500 posts? AMAZING!!!!! I am on the edge of my seat for that recipe :)