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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mystery Photo Contest - We have a WINNER!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the first installment of "Saturday's Mystery Photo Contest" - where there are no prizes, just heartfelt thank you's for playing along. :) So thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

Almost everyone guessed a Trike of some sort, whether it was of the Big Wheels variety or the Three Wheeler variety (not that I know of one of those, I'm just sayin'). Well, you were all wrong. Neener-neener-nee.

Well, almost all of you were wrong. Megan from Fried Okra guessed the correct answer her very first time - it is a lawn sprinkler. And then a few of you saw the *light* after that. But I'm giving the credit and the link love to Megan, because she was first - "So Congratulations, Megan! And my heartfelt thank you for playing along with my game!"

Here's a side by side comparison for you:

Oh, and HEY! Don't forget to enter this giveaway that ends Wednesday, April 30th!

Oh, and HEY! HEY! Tomorrow is the start of a brand spankin' NEW (yes, that's right, a NEW and SEPARATE ONE) giveaway for Bloggy Giveaways Carnival headed up by my pretend bff Chili from Don't Try This at Home and Blogging Basics 101 over at Bloggy Giveaways.


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{Karla} said...

you gotta watch that Megan! She is always guessing the right answer first for my photo contests!

xo ~ K

Rhea said...

I'm sorry I missed the mystery photo contest...I love mysteries of any kind!!

Emily said...

ok, i will confess, i thought it was one of those 'magic eye' things. you know what i mean? where you have to de-focus your eyes to see them? i can never do those. :) i'm all caught up now!