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Thursday, July 5, 2007

I've been Googled....or is that ogled?

So I was looking at my keyword analysis from Statcounter (something I do from time to time to make sure I am not attracting perverts, which I seem to be really good at doing) and was really kind of amazed at the different words people use that lead them to my blog.

A smattering for you:

"90 days madman cycle" (a principle taught in our business)
"homemade lipstick" (I have absolutely no idea)
"acine de pepe" (I'm afraid I started that one with this recipe)
"integrity music" (A distant relative worked for the President of Integrity)
"restrooms greyhound buses" (Oh the memories that conjures up!)
"killing fleas high heat" (So...if your house burned down, I guess the fleas would be the least of your worries?)
"bra size chart double dang" (Yes, I actually posted on that a long time ago)
"vacuum suck you up" (Well, I did enter a contest for a new one)
"pants lowcut today" (The very bane of my existence)

What kinds of words do people use to find you?

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ellen b said...

I like your new header..
things people google and find my site with,
the shire
child praying, things you shout, jicama avocado, molokan, beatrix potter characters, blake lewis haircut, and a lots more. :)

Karen said...

Thanks! I was playing with Adobe yesterday and decided to try this out.

Isn't it interesting what people will look up? Thanks for sharing!