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Monday, October 9, 2006

Taggle Rock

Tagged by Vicki. Consider yourself tagged if you are reading this - I don't do mandatory tags, since I know we all do tons of these...but I don't think I've done one in a here goes:

Food: Vegetarian Pizza - Chicago style
Breakfast: EAS nutrition drink
Lunch: Usually tuna in water or leftovers...sometimes a pb&j
Supper: It varies, but I try to have meat and potatoes for husband
Dessert: lemon icebox pie
Cake: Carrot
Cookie: Samoan
Candy: reaaaallly satisfies.
Vegetable: fresh steamed broccoli with REAL butter and salt
Meat: grilled chicken
Soup: Hot and Sour
Fruit: Orange
Juice: Orange
Sandwich: Pickle, cheese and mayo
Hot Drink: Coffee
Cold Drink: water
Actor: I don't have a favorite....I know, how boring. :o) Maybe Sean Connery?
Actress: Again...sigh. I don't watch much tv or movies.
Movie: The Sound of Music
Music: Christian - very little contemporary
Song: "The Blood Cried Out" - Ernie Haas
Singer: Jonathan Pierce
TV Show: Supernanny
Book: 360 Degree Leader
Author: John Maxwell
Holiday: Christmas
Sport: Volleyball
Possession: My Bible...if I could call my salvation a possession, it would be #1, but I do not belong to myself. When I got saved, I gave myself over to Jesus and so I am his.
Pastime: Reading, Internet
Pet: Homer and Sarge (two bassetts) and about 12 cats (all outside!!!!)
Hero: Jesus...want to be JUST like Him when I grow up...only a girl.
Pet Peeve: People who are intentionally mean to others; people who yell to communicate.
Bad Habit: Procastination.

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